Aluminum Siding

Screen EnclosuresTrust the professionals at East Coast Aluminum to install stain-resistant, highly durable siding to your structure. Whether you desire the look of wood for your aluminum, or any other of the wide variety of styles available, we have you covered. We can offer your choice of several colors as well so our work is perfectly suited for any building or remodeling application. After decades of aluminum siding installation in Florida, we bring our knowledge of aluminum fabrication to every job and our reputation for exemplary work to every interaction with our customers.


If you have an existing driveway or other concrete slab and would like a convenient attached or free standing carport, East Coast Aluminum will use its expertise to build a strong, safe structure for you. Carports are great for partially protected parking areas, cooking out on the grill in a shady location during the hot summer months, and keeping the sun from sections of your house. Aluminum carports are virtually maintenance free!


Many new Florida residents are surprised to find out their new home does not have an aluminum gutter system to properly funnel rainwater from their house and keep runoff separated from the foundation of their property. Contact East Coast Aluminum to have gutters installed, repaired, or replaced with our high quality aluminum fabrication services. Not all gutters are created equally, and installation is key to having a system that works the way it is supposed to.


East Coast Aluminum is the trusted local company that is contracted to build both aluminum gutters and soffits on various new construction projects in the areas of Flagler and Volusia Counties. The reason is simple: we have been doing this type of aluminum installation for over 20 years and we understand the best course of action for houses in Florida. We use both ventilated or non-ventilated aluminum soffits to complete the undersides of arches, roofs, and eaves.

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